Sunday, April 30, 2017

Week 16 Prompt

Both of our readings this week talk about the culture of reading and the future of the book. So I have two questions for you as readers, pulling on your own experiences and all of the readings we have done over the semester: First, how have reading and books changed since you were a child, for you specifically? Second, talk a little about what you see in the future for reading, books, or publishing - say 20 years from now. Will we read more or less, will our reading become more interactive? What will happen to traditional publishing?

For me, I do not think that books have really changed. The way I read has changed, mostly. Since I am on the go more, I have come to find myself carrying around my iPad more so that I can read all the books I want on one platform. But whenever I am home, I still enjoy the feeling of a book in my hands. I have been into YA books and Sci-fi since middle school, and not much has changed in regards to what I read now (lol). I actually have added more subgenres of fiction, like LGBTQ fiction or historical fiction. I have noticed that with the rising of the importance of equality and inclusiveness, LGBTQ fiction books are becoming more popular.

For the future, I do think that reading may change but not too drastically. Books in print will not be going anywhere, and will still be bought off the shelves. I do think there will be an increase of eBooks in the future. I see books becoming more interactive as well. I played a game on my iPhone called Episode, that let you "lead your own story". You could choose what you looked like as far as race and clothing and hairstyle, and as the episodes moved along, whatever text you chose like "answer the phone call" or "ignore and call Mom back later" would then determine what your character would do next in the story. I feel like books will be moving in that direction, especially with the younger readers. These "create your own story" interactive books would be a major change for publishers.


  1. I have not read an LGBTQ fiction book. What would you suggest? There are a lot of apps like Episode that allows you to 'lead your own story'. My kiddos like really those interactive ones.

  2. Wonderful final response! Full points!