Sunday, February 19, 2017

Week Six Prompt

The month of February is always associated with love, and I believe that an effective way to promote romance (and reading) is a eye catching display. An idea I found was a "Fall in Love with a Good Book" display. The display would be placed in the welcome area of the library, so patrons can see it as soon as they walk in. Like the example pictured, the librarians would create this display with construction paper hearts, faux flowers, and pretty handwriting. . Staff picks would have paper hearts stuck on the book, notating a romance book that a staff member "fell in love with". Books without paper hearts would encourage a patron to pick up the book and find out if they'll fall in love with that title.


  1. Hi Annette! Your display idea is pretty cute. I especially like how you would get different librarians to each pick out one of their favorite romances. This would make the patron much more comfortable approaching the librarians to ask about their chosen reads, and the patrons might even want to ask about similar romance books.

  2. Great idea and eye catching display. Your response is a little on the short side though, so there is a 1 point deduction.