Sunday, February 12, 2017

Kirkus Style Review

Beautiful Creatures

by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl

In the small town of Gatlin, South Carolina, high school sophomore Ethan Wate is counting down the days until he can leave. He is ready to explore the northern states and pursue a writing career.

Ethans' plans to skip out of town are halted when he meets Lena Duchannes, the literal girl of his dreams. Lena is not like the other girls in Ethan's classes; she is quiet, aloof, and has this mysterious tattoo on her hand. Lena is old man Ravenwood's niece, the towns' shut in that never comes out in the daylight. Lenas' mysterious tattoo is marking a countdown of her own; the days remaining until her 16th birthday. On that day, Lena will endure the Claiming. With the help of Ethan's prodding, Lena tells her secret; she is Caster, from a long line of Caster relatives. Once her birthday comes, her Caster powers will be claimed for either the Light or the Dark. 

Which way will Lena go once she is sixteen? Can Ethan's love keep her from going Dark? Ethan's narration will resonate with those readers who love a dry sense of humor, and will catch the attention of the supernatural-romance lovers looking for a new read to bite into. 

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  1. Great job summarizing this succinctly and eloquently. Full points!